Friday, October 22, 2010

Ahem... "Rude Dog & The Dweebs"?!?

It's truly hard to believe, but -- even among the lousiest of the lousy -- there is one cartoon so horrifically hideous even in comparison to the competition in badness that it's just barely going to get a scant mention here. Nevertheless, I am going to make said scant mention simply because I believe that no list of atrocious cartoons is complete without it.


Security and quality control at CBS was obviously not strong enough when they allowed the Sun Sportswear company to license and effectly create the very first cartoon to ever be based on (get this) the mascot of a short-lived brand of designer clothes (the typical example of the networks' idea of innovative programming, especially at the time) called Rude Dog and have it broadcast for (thankfully) only one disastrous season in 1989 under the title Rude Dog and The Dweebs.

The idea was so preposterous that it led one Animato Magazine to remark at the time, "What's next: The Adventures of The Munsingwear Penguin?"

Why on earth anyone would actually want to make such a cartoon viewable again to the innocent unsuspecting public quite frankly boggles the mind, unless they saw it as some twisted form of revenge or water torture aimed at the world for a traumatic childhood or something along those lines. But mind-boggling or not, it's back (as of this writing, someone has dared posted episodes of it on Youtube).

Now, not to be mean towards the Youtube poster who put it up or anything like that, but I'm wondering if they personally subscribe to the same point of view I once saw expressed in an early '90s book entitled The Encyclopedia of Cartoon Animals, a publication containing an entry on the program that actually made the jaw-dropping claim that the show was in actuality a grossly underappreciated work of genius in the same vein as the classic Top Cat (!!!), that no show could have been that stupid on purpose. Maybe, maybe not.

But one thing's for certain: two decades later, it's still a cartoon guaranteed to clear a room.